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TeraCrystal is a dynamic Romanian-Finnish contract research organization with comprehensive expertize in research and characterization of solid-state compounds, in the pharmaceutical sector.

TeraCrystal has translated a strong technical background into a business venture; blending know-how transferred from National Institute of Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM) – project POSCCE, ID 536/HT-Pharma funded by European Union and Romanian Government - with business-like agility and flexibility.

By working closely with its clients, TeraCrystal is able to apply an innovative and avant-garde approach to the solving of scientific, commercial and patenting problems related with early stage drug development.

Mission and Vision:

Finding affordable solutions to today's drug development challenges is the mission of TeraCrystal. It demands cutting-edge science, highly talented and motivated people and above all the ability to provide each drug in a solid form that has optimum performance in a given application.

To make this happen, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of research and operational excellence in everything we do – from the screening programs across each analytical platform, through to delivery and transfer of the finished products to our customers.

Tera's ambition is to become the trendsetter in integrating front-line technologies into innovative early stage drug development, applying the highest professional standards.

Contact us: tel/fax: +4(0)364.439.995