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Co-crystal Screening

Besides salts, pharmaceutical co-crystals open a new dimension to search for solid forms that can enable substantial modification of properties such as solubility, dissolution rate, stability, shelf life of active pharmaceutical ingredients without affecting their inherent pharmacological properties.

Pharmaceutical co-crystals are multi-component crystalline structures made of neutral APIs and co-crystal formers that are solid at ambient conditions and that are bound via non-covalent interactions.

The co-crystallization of APIs with pharmaceutically acceptable co-crystal formers is nowadays a recognized technique in pharmaceutical science for improving the drug physico-chemical properties leading to an enhanced oral bioavailability. Additionally, co-crystals have great potential in the pharmaceutical industry by creating intellectual property (IP) protection and extending the life cycles of the APIs.

TeraCrystal can explore the formation of co-crystals with pharmaceutically acceptable guest molecules using different stoichiometric ratios. Solubility, polymorphism, and solvate formation of new forms will be investigated by our scientists.

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