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Crystal Structure Determination

Crystal structure determination is a vital field in modern crystallography. The arrangement of the molecules in a crystal determines its physical properties and, in certain cases, its chemical properties, and so greatly influences the processing and formulation of solid pharmaceuticals, as well as key drug properties such as dissolution rate and stability. An understanding of the relationship between crystal structure and solid state properties might provide crucial information, that can be utilized for optimizing operational and formulation strategies and in designing suitable stability protocols to avoid later problems. The characterization and understanding of the crystal properties is also important for quality control and regulatory purposes.

Our crystallographic know-how allows us to determine API structure from single crystal analysis and from powder data. Crystal structure determination from powder data is not trivial, but in most cases identifying the lattice type and dimensions of the unit cell is sufficient for a solid form being uniquely fingerprinted. The crystal structure can also be used to predict the morphology and physical properties of a drug.

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