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The study of the solid state chemistry of drugs not only comprises many scientific disciplines but also impinges on virtually all phases of the pharmaceutical industry from discovery to successful marketing. The understanding of the molecular structure of solid state can lead to better design and control of drug performance.

With the right combination of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and resources, TeraCrystal is ready and well placed to solve the most complex solid state chemistry issues and to develop best-in-class solutions for the clients.

TeraCrystal is able to satisfy the most varied research needs and budget requirements, ranging from in-depth analysis of APIs to quick low-cost screening and studies involving patent issues. Apart from conventional high-throughput screenings, our studies can include the determination of crystalline structure of the solid forms, able to provide important and rapid information regarding:

  • polymorphic purity
  • solid forms presented in drug product
  • designing desired solid forms (crystal engineering)
  • protection of intellectual property rights

TeraCrystal core services include:

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