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Polymorph Screening

Polymorphs are different crystalline forms that may have substantially different physicochemical properties affecting key properties of the drug, such as solubility, bioavailability, morphology, stability, shelf life, etc. It is therefore essential to understand the solid-state behavior of the API and to select the optimal solid form for development. Investigation of drug polymorphism is of great interest to the pharmaceutical community, being a mandatory step in any formulation study according to the international official standards.

For polymorph screening we use the highest possible diversity of the crystallization methods and parameters to increase the probability of finding all relevant solid forms. By understanding the impact of factors such as solvent, temperature, humidity and grinding on polymorphic form, it is possible to define the parameters that minimize the risk of preparing unwanted polymorphs. Typical crystallization methods used in the polymorph screen are: cooling, evaporative, cooling-evaporative, crystallization with forward and reverse anti-solvent addition, vapor diffusion into saturated solutions and vapor digestion onto solids, liquid diffusion, solvent mediated transformation (slurry), dry and solvent-drop grinding.

In order to confirm the identity of each recognized solid form, our customized polymorph studies include single-crystal structure data. We exploit the benefit of crystal structure information for:

  • confirming the phase purity of solid forms
  • establishing the molecular conformations and interactions in solid-state
  • understanding the structural differences between different forms

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