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Services / Preformulation


Approximately 60% of all new chemical entities coming from the discovery phases are poorly bioavailable, leading to many potentially innovative drug candidates being abandoned due to poor properties such as poor water solubility or poor intestinal permeability. Therefore, preformulation studies are important in the early development of both API and drug products. They include physico-chemical, physico-mecanical and biopharmaceutical properties of drug substances, excipients and packaging materials which may influence formulation design, manufacturing of drug substance and drug product, pharmacokinetic properties and packaging of the resulting product.

At TeraCrystal, our expertise is in finding solutions to rescue such challenging compounds.

The preformulation services include:

  • Solubility profiling
  • Dissolution Rate
  • Accelerated Physical and Chemical Solid and Solution Stability
  • Drug-excipients compatibility

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