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Solid form screening

The solid form characteristics can drastically alter the properties of the final drug product. It may change its effectiveness, stability and suitability for a particular formulation. Therefore, developing the "right" solid form is critical for the success of a commercial drug product.

The most common solid forms that may be found for a given drug substance (acids, free-base, salts etc.), are as follows:

  • Crystalline polymorphs, forms having the same chemical composition, but different crystalline structure
  • Hydrates/Solvates, forms containing water/solvent molecules
  • Amorphous solid forms that have no long-range molecular order

Finding the optimum, the most suitable solid form and assuring that it is successfully delivered, is part of an integrated approach to solid-state issues.

As a specialized contract research organization, TeraCrystal provides its clients with a comprehensive package of advanced solid-state screening (polymorph, salts, co-crystals and amorphous forms) and characterization services to support the development of new and existing active drug substances and drug product formulations.

Using state-of-the-art technologies in screening and physical form characterization, we are able to obtain all relevant information very rapidly with minimal amount of drug substance per experiment.

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