TeraCrystal’s main competitive strengths are our strategy, our ability to carry out projects on time, skill set, our flexibility and our ability to deliver.

Our strong commitments can enable innovators or generic customers to find new forms for novel or existing pharmaceuticals.


TeraCrystal’s commitment is to deliver to its customers best in class solutions to any solid state and crystallization problems, at the highest possible scientific standards. In addition, we bring extensive experience in solid state discipline encompassing the entire flow of drug development, a proven track record on project delivery, excellent organizational and leadership skills.

Added Value

We routinely assist our clients with robust scientific support and expert data interpretation, helping pharmaceutical companies to rapidly and successfully progress their problematic lead compounds into the clinical phases of development.


We consider communication with our customers to be of greatest importance. Therefore, prior to any work commencing and throughout the work program, updates and discussions will take place and any solution will be examined and approved by the client. All screens are followed up by extensive dialogues regarding how to improve the services and further work that could be in the pipeline.


We carry out our work in a safe and timely manner, to the highest possible standard and integrity, and treat our customers with the greatest respect. We offer our clients exclusivity and strong IP protection over any discoveries we make and treat client information as extremely confidential.


Starting from Quality Systems in Non-Regulated Scientific Research, published by Research Quality Association we have implemented an internal quality system, that provides a disciplined approach fully aligned with the quality and compliance standards expected by the customers. The studies are executed in the frame of Good Manufacturing Principles compliant quality system.


Our strong commitment to the environment, health and safety highlights all that we do at TeraCrystal. We adhere to the highest standards on health and safety for our employees and for everyone impacted by our activities. Our team has received special training to handle Occupational Exposure Band - OEB class 4 compounds, to work with hazardous chemicals and to minimize wastes.

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