Solid form screening

Solid form screening and selection

The solid form properties of a promising active pharmaceutical compound, like crystallinity, polymorphism and selected form (free acid/base or salt) can drastically alter physical and chemical stability, effectiveness and processability for a particular formulation. These basic criteria are crucial in order to facilitate a successful development all the way to a product on the market. 

Therefore, finding the “right”, the most suitable solid form and assuring that it is fruitfully delivered is part of an integrated approach to solid-state issues, offered to our clients.
We design fast turn-around tailored packages of solid state studies for small organic molecules and peptides to identify the best solid forms, polymorphs, salts/co-crystals and amorphous dispersions, to overcome developability issues and enhance the intellectual property rights over a compound.

Polymorph Screens

Polymorphism is the ability of a particular compound to crystallize in several different molecular arrangements. The polymorphic form is very relevant as it affects the solubility and potentially the bioavailability of the drug.
Using a broad range of techniques and conditions, we explore the “solid state space”, identify the most stable form, including possible solvates or hydrates, and provide the optimal form for progression. The size and scope of our screens are dependent on our client’s requirements and budget, and our services will be flexible to deal with these.

Salt/Co-crystal Screening and Selection

Seeks to identify multicomponent solid forms with improved properties using pharmaceutically acceptable counterions/co-formers. We select the best solid form based on properties, such as crystallinity, hygroscopicity and both chemical and physical stability. Intellectual property over a particular Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) can also be significantly strengthened by locating developable salt or co-crystal forms.

Amorphous Screening

Offers a development option for crystalline materials with poor aqueous solubility using amorphous materials, including amorphous solid dispersions, which can exceed the saturation solubility of their crystalline counterparts.
Our dedicated studies are aimed at enhancing the properties such as dissolution rate and solubility, and thus increased bioavailability.

Discovery Screens and Crystal growth screens

Discovery Screens, early-stage screens with limited material and rapid delivery timelines, during candidate nomination to early development. Crystal growth screens, specially designed for full crystal structure and absolute structure determination of drug candidates and their solid forms.

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