TeraCrystal is an established provider offering a full suite of solid-state and crystallization services.
Differentiated by strong scientific focus, we assist pharmaceutical companies to rapidly and successfully progress their lead compounds into all drug development phases.


Solid form screening and selection

The solid form properties of a promising active pharmaceutical compound, like crystallinity…

Physicochemical Profiling

Physicochemical properties investigations are vital for the development of any robust crystallization…

Crystallization process

Our solid form programs can easy progress into crystallization process development studies…

Preformulation studies

At TeraCrystal, we have strong scientific expertise that cover all pre-formulations services including…

Peptide Crystallization

In addition to our small molecule solid form screens, TeraCrystal offers peptide crystallization services…

Key Analytics

At TeraCrystal, we understand that a successful development of drug substance requires…


Company Profile

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TeraCrystal’s commitment is to deliver to its customers best in class solutions to any solid state and crystallization problems....

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Added Value

We routinely assist our clients with robust scientific support and expert data interpretation helping pharmaceutical companies....

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We consider communication with our costumers to be of greatest importance. Therefore, prior to any work commencing...

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We carry out our work in a safe and timely manner, to the highest possible standard and integrity, and treat our customers...

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Starting from Quality Systems in Non-Regulated Scientific Research, published by Research Quality Association we have...

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Our strong commitment to the environment, health and safety highlights all that we do at TeraCrystal. We adhere to the...

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